Bespoke Home Cinema Design Services

Sphere’s core business is in providing home cinema design services and product solutions to Dealers, Architects, Developers and End Clients who require integration of such technology into their homes and spaces.

With the world becoming ever more connected, Sphere’s offering of aesthetically beautiful home cinema solutions has expanded to encompass all aspects of the connected installation - commercial grade networking, automation, energy efficiency audits, energy management, security, remote access as well as monitoring. Sphere has, over the last few years, refined their Audio Visual offering into a portfolio of exclusive, non-conflicting brands – with a focus on high end home cinema and custom install.

Sphere’s Design Team assist dealers and clients with all technical aspects of a project, from inception, initial site surveys as technical consultants, assisting with- and producing detailed technical drawings, concept sketches and 3D renders of the proposed systems and rooms, and most importantly, supply clients with a complete pack of Documents for the project.

Having an excellent, solid and technical foundation for the design of any system is a recipe for success. Sphere compliments this offering with a Rack building service, as well as assistance and guidance to dealers looking at producing an unforgettable experience for their client.

We work closely with architects and project management in order to draw up the correct schematics and plans for any project undertaken. This ensures that everyone is on the same page.

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Education is the Key to Success

At Sphere we pride ourselves on knowledge and experience, gained through attending relevant, current and dedicated training courses, discussions and talks within, and outside our industry. We're not just fixated on everything tech within the scope and realm of what we do, we also love to get involved and learn about other things - carpentry, business skills, analytics, photography, and much much more.

Having a diverse skill set means we can all tap into these at moments when stumped on site, or when faced with a challenging scenario in the workshop where systems get designed and built.

Sphere also prides itself in being actively involved in education of the industry and its professionals through being a founding member of the South African committee of the Consumer Electronic Design & Installation Association - CEDIA. Managing Director Christiaan Beukes, serves on the CEDIA board of directors for the EMEA region, is an active outreach trainer, and can often be found in deep conversation about future technology trends with various industry partners.

Sphere’s exceptional Experience Centre plays host to many a training session, and we are particularly passionate about helping grow our industry. Regularly education sessions for Dealers, Architects, Developers, Builders and Quantity Surveyors are held on a monthly basis, covering topics which are commonly misinterpreted or misunderstood, debunking the popular myths abound in Home Automation, and facilitating discussion around future trends and how we can better adapt to serve, and grow our markets.

Catering not only to those trades, Sphere also dedicates time to understanding decor and design requirements of its clientele and works very closely alongside the members of the IID, the South African Institute of Interior Designers. We have a unique insight from both perspectives - technical and design - and therefore can offer bespoke services which encompass far more than the average.

Check out our list of events and functions hosted at our Experience Centre

ReadyRakk Service

Sphere offers a service whereby a dealer can have their rack wired up according to spec and fully verified, programmed and tested before being delivered to site. Some examples of the standards of wiring and rackbuilding which Sphere rigorously adhere too can be found below.

CEDIA Certification

The CEDIA education programme is recognised as a sign of quality standards in the home technology industry, and is delivered by experienced industry experts. Individuals who successfully complete and obtain a CEDIA certification are recognised as having a high level of home technology expertise and work of the highest quality.

Currently there are three Certification exams, of which we're qualified and certified at each level:

ESC-T: The baseline technical certification for the industry (formerly EST-2)
ESC-D: A designer certification for experienced integrated systems designers
ESC-N: A residential networking specialist certification for experienced home networking technicians

In the fast developing world of technology, professionals must constantly update their skills to keep up with this growing industry - whether it is learning to speak IP, dealing with the contractual issues on larger projects, or managing cash flow in an expanding market. CEDIA education will help delegates achieve this.


CEDIA members deliver technology solutions that allow people to have their best moments in life, from the comfort of their own home. Life lived best at home. CEDIA is the international trade association and central touch point for 3,700 member companies that represent every facet of the ever-evolving technology market.


Don't worry! CEDIA courses are constructed into "Pathways" which provide an ideal route for newcomers to get started and existing industry colleagues to progress. Click the below link for more info.

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