The Broker - View of the rear of the room

The Broker

Early in the design stages of this cinema room, the clients indicated that they’d like a luxurious cigar lounge type feel and finish. Carefully crafting the columns with darkened walnut panelling, and feature fabric acoustic panels built to fit the open wall sections, this family sized home theatre comfortably seats seven and the kids absolutely love sitting in front row for their ‘big screen’ experience! Again working alongside one of our select dealers, we assisted in the design of the decor, the layouts, acoustics and performance specifications for the room. A neat trick was employed to hide the always-unsightly projector behind a panel firing onto the screen off a angled mirror. This made for a beautifully discreet installation which the client’s wife loved!

Denon Audio Processing and Amplification
Monitor Audio Loudspeakers
Epson Projection
Screen Excellence Screen
Control 4 Control System
Sphere Custom Designed Acoustics and Decor