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Feel free to click on a link below and browse each manufacturer's website - after all thats what they're there for. Should you wish to experience these products in the flesh, please do get in touch and schedule a time slot for a dedicated, luxury experience of the best that is on offer in the Home Cinema market of South Africa today.

Home Cinema

The below products have been carefully selected by us for the very best performance home cinema solutions, guaranteed. Having taken into consideration design, aesthetics and their peak performance specifications, we know that building a cinema using these products is a recipe for one awesome experience. Plenty of dynamics, beautiful looks, discreet designs and much much more to behold. Click away to your hearts content - but first, instead of browsing these virtually, why dont you take a minute to book a tailored demonstration where you can experience these in person!


Quality components and fine craftsmanship combine to create world-class audiophile earphones and headphones. For hours of listening pleasure whether it be on a train, plane, public transport or just a walk with your thoughts. These products are designed from the ground up to stand up to the rigors of daily use while delivering the very highest level of audio performance.

Our Experience Centre

When you purchase a luxury vehicle, a luxury watch, a handbag, or any other such product that you’d class as luxury, then surely you’d take it for a test drive. You might already have made up your mind to buy it, but trying it on, revving the engine, seeing if everything fits is an affirmation to yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

We have state of the art facilities here in Cape Town just waiting for you to call in and ‘test drive’ them. No other company in our industry in South and Southern African can profess to have a space like ours; we’re one of a kind! Come experience the standard and performance you know you should be getting.

Our Brand Position Statement

We believe that through dedicated design and installation services we can provide families a proper 'old-school' experience of high fidelity sound and an immersive, 'suspension-of-disbelief' in a private cinema environment within their own home. Many companies sell home automation - and we'd be happy to help you, of course - but first and foremost our passion lies with Home Cinema; an everyman's escape from reality. A simple, sensible, yet sensational way to bring the family together - to spend quality time together, and, to experience, together. Less distraction, and more Action! (and Drama, Romance, Comedy, Thrillers, Horrors, and whatever other genre tickles your fancy!)

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