For Architects

Are you designing a Home of Tomorrow?

As an architect, interior architect, designer, decorator, builder or quantity surveyor, the homes you are designing, working on and creating may well come with a 10-year guarantee of some sort, but we all know that they will be used for much longer than that. As a CEDIA partner, we have some key areas in which we aims to make sure that you can execute a design or build of a home that is useful throughout that period of its life.

Technology also changes very rapidly; if the last decade is anything to go by, we're only at the tip of the iceberg. We've seen the rapid growth of the internet - adopted far faster than any comparable technology, including the wireless and television. We've seen the addiction of the smartphones, the power of the always connected. 

It has certainly changed the lives of many - and not always for the better. High defnition flatscreen TV displays and high speed internet connections are available, and people are spending more time at home with their friends and families. Many companies, eager to save costs (yes, and make much more money out of us!!) are curling down on office space; "open offices anyone?". Commuters are also frustrated by transport problems, and are trying to work from home instead of travelling.

Security is increasingly important. As people invest more in the design of their houses and apartments, control over their domestic environment, whether lighting, heating or air conditioning, becomes a challenge.

Perhaps most importantly, we all need to work responsibly to safeguard the world’s resources. Here are a number of ways in which we can assist you, teach you and guide you in all things tech related, so that you can offer a better service to your client. 

Why not give our quick quote system a go? We can guarantee an accurate, comparable quote generated based on your submissions (and client's requirements) within a few hours - great to do a comparison, or simply to audit something you already have received. Click the button below to download the spreadsheet, fill it out, and email it back to us at to get a fully fledged response. 

Consulting & Design

We've been doing this for years. We know what technology where and why. We advise on the specific needs and requirements of technology and the necessary solutions available for specific project. If required, we're happy to attend site meetings and client meetings alongside you; to help your clients overcome the common problems of misunderstood technology, its various constraints in topology specific layouts, or just assisting you in finding the right solution to a specific design. We can also utilise your drawings to assist in developing a visual package for a client - such as a cinema, where they'll not only get the correctly placed loudspeakers, chairs, screen of the right size, correctly installed electronics and systems, but a cinema which fits in with their decor and style, and truly meets their aesthetic design requirements while completely blowing them away with its performance.

Tender Assistance

Building a new home with a technology infrastructure that meets current demands, and is ready for those which we are confident the future may hold, is not the most trivial of tasks. With our specialist applications and tools we can quickly and confidently assist you in developing a full specification, client brief and the relevant documentation for a tender process.
We'll even be happy to host the dealers who may tender on the project for a afternoon's "dragon's den" style proposal pitch with you and your client.

We can be your impartial subject matter experts and can check and evaluate the tenders submitted, monitor and assess the contractor’s performance, and advise you accordingly as to what where and how for the best solution for your clients.