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Sphere Custom is a specialist Home Cinema Design company.

Having cut our teeth doing work in all facets of the industry trade - from Automation, programming control systems, to distributed Audio and Video through luxury homes, we realised we our passion is focussed on Home Cinema.

It is quite something to experience a correctly designed and installed Home Cinema; one which adheres to set specifications. Taking the engineering and architectural constraints on board, Sphere designs and develops home cinema concept at every level to truly bring that immersive experience home.

We focus on the room, the decor, the acoustics and the design engineering even before we think of a product or brand. Once our concept is accepted and ready for implementation, then only do we do consider products. These are then selected based on their technical capabilities and specifications, in order to uphold the high standards required to execute an immersive audio system in your home like no other.

We believe that through dedicated design and installation services we can provide families a proper 'old-school' experience of surround sound, and an immersive, mesmerising suspension-of-disbelief in a private cinema environment within their own home.

Many companies sell home automation - and we'd be happy to help you, of course - but first and foremost our passion is Home Cinema; an everyman's escape from reality. A simple, yet sensational way to bring the family together - to spend quality time together, and, to experience, together.

A little less conversation, and more Action! (and Drama, Romance, Comedy, Thrillers, Horrors, and whatever else genre tickles your fancy!)

Working closely with our growing network of specialist dealers and installation partners, Sphere Custom provides advice, support, design and planning, a complete line of cutting edge products, as well as a host of other services if required. We design, manage and support projects from conception to completion.

Your Home Cinema. State of the art. Guaranteed.

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We have the talent to set the bar for innovation with our core range of products and services, and we strive to be the best amongst the competitors in the marketplace, and in fact are one of the only companies to have a construction capable team in house. None of this subcontractor business. Accurate construction, experience building to acoustical specifications, and a beautiful looking room for you to experience once completed.


A correctly designed Cinema room is one that will perform to its potential, every time. The old adage of failing to plan, planning to fail rings true here. We ensure all our designs are developed in such a way as to take into account the various technical requirements for loudpeaker sound pressure levels, bass response, immersion and envelopment, beautiful, accurate images, which take into consideration correct viewing acuity, and most of all – we design for the best seat in the house.


When you purchase a luxury vehicle, a luxury watch, a handbag, or any other such product that you’d class as luxury, then surely you’d take it for a test drive. You might already have made up your mind to buy it, but trying it on, revving the engine, seeing if everything fits is an affirmation to yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

We have state of the art facilities here in Cape Town just waiting for you to call in and ‘test drive’ them. No other company in our industry in South and Southern African can profess to have a space like ours; we’re one of a kind! Come experience the standard and performance you know you should be getting.

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